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Wendy Hemingway Georgia Interview

Innovative Banking Leader Wendy Hemingway Joins LSCU As CFO

The League of Southeastern Credit Unions is thrilled to announce that Dr. Wendy Hemingway has joined the organization as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). 


With her extensive knowledge and experience in the banking industry, Hemingway is well-prepared to lead the financial operations of The League.

Wendy HemingwayWendy Hemingway


What is The League of Southeastern Credit Unions? 


The League of Southeastern Credit Unions is a trade association that represents over 1,000 credit unions in Florida and Georgia. 


Its mission is to provide advocacy and resources to credit unions in the Southeastern US, so they can remain vibrant and successful financial institutions. 


Through the organization's membership network, credit union professionals benefit from training opportunities, legislative advocacy, trends analysis, and other beneficial services focused on helping members stay informed with the latest developments in their industry.


What experience and knowledge does Wendy Hemingway bring to the organization?


Wendy (Wen) Hemingway brings over 15 years of expertise in the banking industry and a wealth of financial knowledge to the role. Wen has held positions as CFO at large banks, regional banks, and educational institutions


Wendy was elected President of Baker College in Flint, Michigan. Wendy managed Baker College's largest campus and was responsible for all system operations, including market messaging and efficiency. She was responsible for the financial and administrative oversight of 36 programs on campus. Her annual budget was $25M. Her diverse team included 275+ faculty and staff.

Wendy Hemingway Baker College

In addition, she has participated in a variety of boards and possesses strong leadership skills. 


With her extensive experience in banking and financial management, Hemingway is well-positioned to help The League of Southeastern Credit Unions continue their mission of helping people manage their finances responsibly while understanding the latest trends in their industry.


How has the addition of Wen Hemingway to the team benefited The League? 


Wendy Hemingway’s presence will help strengthen the League of Southeastern Credit Unions’ ability to serve its members. She has deep knowledge of banking and financial management, and his leadership skills can bring fresh insights to the organization. 


Wendy began her career in retail banking before she was promoted to Senior Vice-President Director of Commercial Services at Citizens Banking Corporation. Wendy was instrumental in advancing the company's success by driving commercial services, such as deposits, product lines, and non-profit lending. She also managed the largest commercial loan portfolio system in a full-service bank, ranking as the 45th largest U.S. banking corporation with $23B in assets in 2006.


With her guidance and expertise, The League aims to streamline its services while providing quality products that meet the needs of patrons at an affordable price.

Dr. Wendy Hemingway Georgia

Why is Hemingway a valuable asset to the financial services sector in Florida/the Southeast US? 


Hemingway’s experience in the banking industry makes her a valuable asset to the financial services sector in Florida and the Southeast US. 


Wendy received a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources from Oakland University. Her area of specialization was training and development, with a minor in labor and management studies. Wayne State University offered her a Master of Business Administration degree in Accounting. Baker College awarded Wendy her Doctorate of Business Administration.


Her knowledge of finance, marketing, banking regulations, and financial management systems can help The League of Southeastern Credit Unions provide better solutions to their members.


With her unique insights on how to improve financial services offerings, finances are streamlined and customers receive products that meet their needs at an affordable price. 


In addition, she adds tremendous value by helping the organization stay ahead of emerging trends in the banking industry.

Dr. Wendy Hemingway Georgia

What innovative goals does Hemingway plan on achieving with The League?


As the new Chief Financial Officer of The League of Southeastern Credit Unions, Wen Hemingway plans to further develop innovative financial products and services. She will strive to make banking more accessible to customers by leveraging technology solutions that streamline processes and reduce costs. 


Wendy Hemingway is also passionate about improving consumer education and financial literacy, so she hopes to use her expertise to help create educational resources that can help people make responsible financial decisions.

Natalie Nyugen

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