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Up-and-Coming Lawyers to Watch in Philadelphia

Up-and-Coming Lawyers to Watch in Philadelphia

Philadelphia's legal landscape is teeming with young, dynamic lawyers making significant strides in various fields. From labor and employment to healthcare law, these professionals excel in their practice areas and contribute to community service and legal diversity. Here's a look at some of the most promising legal talents in the city.


Adebola Aderinto


Adebola Aderinto, known as Debbie, stands out in the field of Labor & Employment law with a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School and a B.B.A. from Temple University's Fox School of Business and Management. Fluent in Spanish and Yoruba, Debbie's linguistic skills enhance her legal practice, making her a valuable asset to Philadelphia's diverse communities. An active member of the Philadelphia Barristers' Association and alumnus of the Summer Search Foundation, her passion for community service and family underscores her commitment to making a difference both in and out of the courtroom.


Erin Ryan


Erin Ryan, a Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis associate, is making waves in healthcare law. Her education from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and experience clerking for the Honorable Jane R. Roth have equipped her with a deep understanding of the complexities facing healthcare providers and patients alike. Active in the Philadelphia Bar Association's Health Law Committee and the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division, Ryan's legal acumen and dedication to health law make her a rising star in Philadelphia's legal community.


Brandon Williams


Brandon Williams has quickly established himself in intellectual property law at Ballard Spahr. A Harvard Law School graduate with clerkship experience under the Honorable Cheryl Ann Krause, Williams is at the forefront of protecting innovation. His involvement with the Philadelphia Bar Association's Intellectual Property Committee and the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division highlights his commitment to advancing intellectual property rights and supporting fellow legal professionals.


Adeola Adeoshun


Specializing in white-collar defense and government investigations, Adeola Adeoshun's work at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius is pivotal in today's complex legal environment. Her background includes a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a clerkship with the Honorable Maryellen Brennan. As a Philadelphia Bar Association's Diversity and Inclusion Committee member, Adeoshun is dedicated to fostering an inclusive legal community, reflecting her commitment to justice and equality.


Daniel Gedeon


At Drinker Biddle & Reath, Daniel Gedeon focuses on complex commercial litigation, bringing a sharp analytical mind to challenging legal issues. His education at the University of Chicago Law School and clerkship experience with the Honorable Cheryl Ann Krause have prepared him to tackle the most daunting cases. Gedeon's involvement with the LGBTQ+ Committee of the Philadelphia Bar Association showcases his dedication to advocating for equality and diversity within the legal profession.


Jessica Davis


Jessica Davis, an associate at Duane Morris, specializes in labor and employment law, addressing the ever-evolving workplace challenges facing employers and employees. A Georgetown University Law Center alumna with clerkship experience under the Honorable Thomas I. Vanaskie, Davis is known for her strategic approach to legal disputes. Her active participation in the Philadelphia Bar Association's Labor and Employment Law Committee and the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division underscores her commitment to the field and her potential to lead.


Attorney Trends to Watch in Philadelphia


The legal landscape in Philadelphia is witnessing significant transformations, reflecting broader shifts within the legal profession nationwide. From the increasing intersection of employment law with cryptocurrency to the evolving gender dynamics within law firms, these trends are shaping the future of law practice in the city. 


Employment Law and Cryptocurrency


Employment law is poised for heightened litigation as employers and employees navigate the complexities of workplace safety, remote work, and wage disputes. Concurrently, the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency is attracting intensified regulatory scrutiny, necessitating a deeper legal understanding and expertise. This intersection underscores the dynamic nature of legal practice, where emerging technologies continually influence traditional areas.


Decline in Legal Job Openings


Despite the general contraction of the legal job market in 2023, especially within the real estate and corporate sectors, litigation stands out as a resilient area. This trend underscores litigation's recession-proof characteristic, highlighting its critical role in the legal job landscape amidst economic uncertainties.


Gender Dynamics in Law Firms


A notable milestone has been surpassing male lawyers and female lawyers in associate positions within Am Law 200 firms. However, the journey towards gender parity remains incomplete, as disparities at the partner level persist. This evolution reflects broader societal shifts towards gender equality, albeit with ongoing challenges at the upper echelons of legal practice.


Technology Adoption and Attitude Shift


The legal profession's attitude towards technology has significantly transformed, accelerated by the pandemic. Adopting digital tools such as Zoom, iPads, and smartwatches is now commonplace among lawyers and judges. The emergence of generative AI technologies further propels this trend despite a slowdown in legal tech mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and investment activities in 2023.


Hybrid Work Models


In line with global workforce trends, the legal industry in Philadelphia is moving towards more flexible and hybrid work models. This shift is driven by the recognition of the importance of work-life balance and the need to attract and retain top talent. Law firms are reevaluating traditional work paradigms to stay competitive and responsive to the preferences of their workforce.


Regulatory Changes and Access to Justice


Ongoing discussions and experiments regarding regulatory changes in the legal industry aim to increase access to justice. One of the proposed changes is allowing non-lawyers to own law firms. These discussions are essential in rethinking how legal services are provided and could significantly affect the quality and integrity of legal services.


Growth in ESG Litigation and Cybersecurity Law


The importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues within the legal sphere is growing rapidly, increasing ESG litigation. At the same time, the domain of cybersecurity law is gaining prominence due to the escalating digital threats. This highlights the need for robust legal frameworks to protect internet privacy and prevent data breaches.




Recognizing and supporting up-and-coming legal talent is crucial for Philadelphia's legal landscape's continued growth and dynamism. The lawyers profiled here represent just a fraction of the promising talent in the city, each contributing to the profession in unique and impactful ways. As we look to the future, the diversity of expertise, commitment to justice, and community engagement among these young lawyers offer great promise for the evolution of law in Philadelphia.


Natalie Nyugen

Natalie Nyugen / About Author

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