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Best Tree Service in Bryn Mawr, PA

Your Guide to Hiring the Best Tree Service in Bryn Mawr, PA

If you're looking for quality tree services in Bryn Mawr, PA, then this guide is for you. 


It will help you identify the best tree service professionals in the area and provide you with questions to make sure your project is completed safely and properly.


Research Prospective Tree Services.


The first step to choosing the right tree service in Bryn Mawr, PA is to do some research. Check out their website and read reviews from previous customers. Look into the experience of their professionals and make sure they have insurance that covers any potential risks. 


Ask around the neighborhood and get recommendations from friends or family who have had similar tree services done recently. 


This will give you a better understanding of which tree services are reliable and trustworthy, giving you peace of mind when hiring for your project. Our pick for the best tree service in Bryn Mawr, PA is Strobert Tree Services


Customers have commented on the professionalism and expertise of the workers at Strobert Tree Service. All of their employees are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of tree removal, trimming, pruning, and branch clearing. They conduct themselves in a professional manner, with courtesy and respect for customers' property throughout the work conducted. The team follows strict safety procedures with all applicable tools used for each job.


1. Strobert Tree Service Inc. (Best Overall)

104 Charles Dr. #1, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

(484) 378-3033


Strobert Tree Service Inc. consists of a team of diverse and extensive experience to execute jobs safely, efficiently, and with professionalism. Team members include ISA-Certified Arborists, project managers, and job superintendents. Customers at Strobert Tree Service not only appreciate their workmanship but their customer service as well. All calls are answered quickly and the friendly staff is always willing to help customers in any way possible. They take the time to explain all the steps of the process providing great peace of mind for customers when it comes to tackling larger jobs or complicated tree removal projects. Additionally, customers have shared their positive experiences with friends and family, who then come to them for tree service solutions. This adds a layer of trust when potential customers look online to see what others are saying about the company's services.

Strobert Tree Services


2. TGB Tree

1808 Karakung Dr., Ardmore, PA 19003

 (610) 850-4640


TGB Tree based in Ardmore, PA provides tree service in Bryn Mawr. TGT Tree customers have noted that their services are extremely competitively priced and provide great value for money when it comes to tree removal and other related services. Customers always receive a comprehensive price quote before the job is undertaken - this means that there are no unexpected costs or hidden fees involved which can sometimes be the case with cheaper tree services.

TGB Tree Removal

3. John B Ward

280 S Bryn Mawr Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

(610) 525-1562


John B. Ward & Company consists of 13 ISA Certified Arborists. Customers have commented that John B. Ward is reliable and trustworthy. The staff is consistent in their quality of work and follow-up communication after the job is complete. Customers appreciate that any questions or concerns they have are answered quickly and accurately. 

John B Ward Tree Service

Ask for Credentials and Insurance Information.

Before deciding on a tree service for your project, it’s important to ask for credentials and insurance information. Make sure the tree service is licensed and insured so that any potential damages or accidents are covered. 


Also, find out if the professionals have knowledgeable qualifications in arboriculture, or if they belong to any professional trade organizations. 


Being prepared with this information will help you feel confident when making your final decision.

Meet with the Potential Company in Person or Virtually.


Meeting with the potential tree service company will give you an opportunity to find out more about their services and get a feel for their professionalism. 


It’s important to ask questions such as how long they have been in business, how many jobs they typically take on at once if they provide free estimates, and what type of experience and qualifications their team members have. 


If meeting in person isn’t possible due to COVID-19 restrictions or safety concerns, most companies offer virtual consultations.

Request a Written Estimate or Proposal.


Once you’ve considered the background and qualifications of each potential tree service provider, one way to determine which would be the best fit is to request a written estimate or proposal. 


The estimate should include details like what services will be honored, any parts that will need to be purchased, estimated time for completion, and a breakdown of labor costs. 


Don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions about terms or fees so that you are familiar with exactly what will be provided in return for your payment.

Check References and Reviews from Previous Clients.


Reviews and references from previous clients are a great way to determine the quality of service you’ll receive. Ask your potential hires for a list of references so that you can get in touch with their past customers and gather feedback about how they handled the job. 


Read online reviews as well to see what other people have said about the professional tree service provider’s work. 


A reputable tree service will stand by its work, so make sure that they offer a solid guarantee or warranty on any services that were provided.


Our overall pick for the best tree service in Bryn Mawr is Strobert Tree Service. They will come out and meet you to discuss your next project. Call them today for a free quote. 

Natalie Nyugen

Natalie Nyugen / About Author

Research analyst and contributor on Company InFocus. B.A. in International Marketing from Rutgers Business School.