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Top eLearning Company 2022 | Company InFocus

With the world moving towards a wholly digitized era, people are gradually shifting to online learning courses to pick up important marketable skills. These courses are much more flexible than college, and many of them even offer some unique skill sets that you will not come across in the traditional learning platforms.


However, you require adequate guidance when choosing the best eLearning company in 2022. This article will guide you through some of them, the top company being IDOL Canva and the courses they offer.


1.    IDOL Canva


IDOL Canva has been named the best eLearning company of 2022 by Company InFocus. The courses are so beneficial and exceptionally structured that they have beat out over 100 other eLearning programs. These IDOL courses are ideal for individuals who want to create engaging and professional-looking graphic designs.


If you sign up for the courses, you will be offered access to a wide range of resources, starting with the nine training modules. These will train you how to use Canva and create show-stopping presentations using the software. These IDOL courses also include access to new templates for learning designs. The designs are upgraded every month for your benefit.


The IDOL Canva courses also provide step-by-step learning of 10 essential assets that will prepare you for the practical world of design. With such detailed instructions, you will also be able to uplevel your eLearning, knowledge of eLearning software, and various instructional design services.


IDOL Canva courses are a haven for instructional designers, eLearning developers, human resources, and market professionals. It will hold your hand through your journey of reaching certain career goals and ultimately possessing the adequate skill sets required to create a brand design for companies, manage graphic design for social media pages, and so on.


2.    Skillshare


Another top eLearning platform that has garnered many subscribers recently is Skillshare. They have an unconventional approach to learning valuable skills. The nature of their classes is informal and aimed at honing creative skills within learners.


This eLearning software provides courses on photography, interior design, animation, visual arts, writing, and much more. Their primary focus is to enhance practical skills so that students can create and work on their projects efficiently. Their courses comprise art and design, humanities, personal development, health and medicine, programming, and more.


The online learning courses include several video lessons and assignments set for students to improve their practical knowledge of the skills. Skillshare also offers free classes, which can give you a preview of the courses. Overall, the company has earned a reputation as one of the best for creative fields.

3.    MasterClass


MasterClass is an eLearning software where you learn directly from celebrity actors, writers, musicians, and artists. Just because it involves celebrities does not mean that these are just one-way once-in-a-blue-moon lectures on specific fields. The online learning courses offered by the platform include almost 20 lessons per course, and all are fairly detailed.


There are video lessons offered along with lectures, practical assignments, feedback sessions, and more. We are talking of the likes of big names like Shonda Rhimes, who offers lessons on TV writing, or the world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay who will guide you with skills like cooking.


They run on the basis of monthly subscriptions, and the more you extend your period, the more lessons and content you get access to.


4.    Coursera


Attending college can be a far-fetched dream for many in this world. The tuition fee and time required are not something everyone has the privilege of. With this in mind, Coursera is a unique eLearning platform that offers academic lessons from actual professors belonging to specific subjects. All the courses are available at half the price of an actual college.


This eLearning software has partnered with nearly 200 universities across the globe to offer the best quality of classes to learners on a variety of topics. The courses include a multimedia approach that includes lectures, assignments, quizzes, and so on. Some of the courses offered at Coursera are machine learning, the science of well-being, neural networks and well-being, and many others.


Start Learning Today


The online learning courses discussed in this article are only the tip of the iceberg and some of the top ones. There are many more available based on what your area of interest is. We suggest you do some research of your own before signing up for any of the companies. Attending a few of the free classes might be helpful as well.

Natalie Nyugen

Natalie Nyugen / About Author

Research analyst and contributor on Company InFocus. B.A. in International Marketing from Rutgers Business School.