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15 Socially Responsible Companies That Are Well-Known For CSR


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a rising trend in business, is also a great way for nonprofits to diversify their income and reach more donors.


Companies that are socially responsible use their resources to make an impact in the local and global communities.


Many nonprofits don't reap the benefits of CSR partnerships. This is often due to their inexperience.


Even if your organization is small, you still have the potential to bring in socially responsible partners and use their resources, funds, and support for your cause.


What Is Corporate Social Responsibility and Why Do Brands Get Involved?


Corporate social responsibility is often a business model that allows companies to give back to society and support organizations that share their values. This could include matching gift programs, donations of funds or goods, as well as volunteer grant programs.


A Corporate social responsibility program is a great way for brands to stand apart from their competition. The benefits include a better brand image, greater media coverage, customer loyalty, and more investment opportunities. These programs are often included in employee well-being programs. Many people enjoy volunteering and companies offer volunteer hours, days, and matching donations to enhance their work experience.


Businesses need to build customer trust and make sure they are engaging in ethical and fair business practices. Brands can also reach a wider audience by partnering with the right nonprofit(s). This helps them to support their cause.


Customers will often feel more connected to companies that participate in CSR activities. 


Companies that make a significant contribution to the community will be sought out by many. A recent Deloitte survey found that 63 percent of millennial workers said that the primary purpose for businesses should be to improve society rather than generate profit.


How Can It Benefit Your Nonprofit?


CSR can be a great opportunity for nonprofits to develop stronger relationships with businesses that share similar values and to engage their customers as supporters. This can help you increase your revenue and gain access to resources that you might not otherwise be able.


There are many companies that actively engage in CSR programs. This means there is plenty of opportunity to find partners who align with your values and can help your organization achieve its goals. There are many companies willing to partner with nonprofits working on climate change or the environment. It's a win for both sides, so you should be on the lookout for such opportunities.


Many famous brands have joined forces with nonprofits and embraced CSR. With their CSR programs, many socially responsible businesses are having a positive impact on society.


This is a list highlighting socially responsible companies that are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


  1. Alaska Airlines
  2. BMW
  3. Dell
  4. Walt Disney Company
  5. Microsoft
  6. Adidas
  7. Starbucks
  8. Marc Jacobs
  9. Indigo Reach
  10. IKEA
  11. Bosch
  12. Ben and Jerry's
  13. Apple
  14. Coca-Cola


1. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers in-kind travel assistance to charities who travel for fundraising purposes. Sponsorship is also offered by Alaska Airlines for fundraising events in particular areas that are served by the airline. This arrangement is often a one-time deal and not a long-term partnership.


Their CSR focus is to invest in strong communities and support organizations that work with disadvantaged youth to help them reach their career goals.


2. BMW


BMW partners with organizations to achieve their CSR goals, which include promoting diversity, inspiring engineers of the future, social mobility and inclusion, as well as teaching road safety.


They encourage their employees also to support organizations and projects that are important to them.




DELL hopes to leverage its technology and expertise in order to promote global change. In 2019, 5 million hours of volunteer time were donated by their staff to local organizations. It was primarily skills-based.


They were able to provide faster treatment for children who are critically ill, educate more children all over the globe, and revolutionize India's preventative healthcare system.


4. Walt Disney Company


The Walt Disney Company has donated millions to non-profits. Their CSR efforts are focused on making children happier and more inspired.


They have fulfilled the wishes of over 130,000 children who are ill and they have supported Girls Who Code (a pilot program that aims to boost confidence and skills) since 2015 and Snap The Gap (a program that supports girls with disabilities)


5. Microsoft


Microsoft offers CSR initiatives that improve skills, employability, as well as environmental sustainability.


Microsoft Philanthropies is a partnership with non-profits, schools, and organizations to improve computer science education and make a greater impact using technology. They support organizations that improve Washington's quality of life.


Microsoft employees support local causes because employee giving is an integral part of the company's culture. They also donate their time and skills to charities. Microsoft matches employees' time and financial contributions.


6. Adidas


Adidas is actively involved in the fight against plastic. Parley is helping to transform plastic waste into high-performance sportswear. They have also hosted the Run for The Oceans fundraising events since 2018.


Greenpeace is also their partner in a DETOX Campaign, which aims to eliminate dangerous chemicals from the global supply chain. To achieve this campaign goal, they collaborated with other brands.


7. Starbucks


Starbucks supports Ethos Water in a campaign to provide clean water to one billion people worldwide. The Ethos Water Fund is part of the Starbucks Foundation. A percentage of Ethos Water bottles sold goes to the campaign.


Since 1996, the Starbucks Foundation has invested in local communities in the US and worldwide. This includes a strong emphasis on organizations that help people overcome obstacles and engage in the job- and training opportunities.


They give grants directly and Starbucks staff volunteers to help them.


8. Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs is committed to supporting local organizations where they have shops. They also collaborated with The Sato Project, a non-profit that rescues Puerto Rico's abandoned and abused pets. Over 3,500 puppies have been rescued so far and rehomed in America.


9. IndiGo Reach


IndiGoReach has partnered with several organizations including Grow Trees, Tamana, and KK Academy. Their social responsibility is focused on children/education and female empowerment. Their partnerships have enabled them to empower more than 64,000 women and educate over 47,000 children. They also helped plant over 40,000 trees. It is a great way to learn.


10. IKEA


IKEA's social responsibility begins with the materials they use in its products. This includes sustainable cotton, wool, wood, and other natural fibers. IKEA also plans to make use of only recycled or renewable plastics by 2030.


They help more families escape poverty through the IKEA Foundation. They provide funding for programs related to climate change, renewable energy, and agricultural livelihoods. They work closely with NGOs and other partners to deliver these programs.


11. Bosch


Bosch is committed to investing in projects that address the problems of communities all over the globe. To help achieve this, they partner with many organizations, including New Sunshine Charity Foundation.


They are also advocates for programs that promote social change. The "Yallah!" initiative supports young Muslims trying to make a difference in their communities. Future CSR goals for the company will be to address climate, energy, and water as well as globalization and urbanization.


12. Ben and Jerry’s


Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is world-famous. Do you know that they donate $0.05 from every 1L tub sold to charities? This is a large part of their community-based development work. They have supported many social causes closely connected to their business, making and selling ice cream. Their justice work includes that for refugees, LGBTQ communities, climate action, as well as other causes.


Some of their pretax profits are donated to corporate philanthropic projects. This is done via the Ben and Jerry's Foundation and Community Action Teams at site locations.


The Grassroots Organizing for Social Change Program provides support to grassroots nonprofits in the US. It focuses on social justice, environmental justice, and sustainable food systems.


13. Apple


Apple is a Laureate Partner in Malala Fund since 2018, helping to empower and educate girls.


They have also been part of the ConnectED initiative since 2014. This fund funds teaching and learning solutions for schools across the US.


14. Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola donates at minimum 1% of its annual operating revenue to support causes and initiatives. Through Arwa's "Price of Water", they have provided clean drinking water to refugees from the Middle East since 2014.


15. OnMyWay


The #1 cause of death among young adults ages 16-27 is car crashes, with the majority related to Distracted driving. The OnMyWay mission is to reverse this epidemic through positive rewards and awareness. Users get rewarded for every mile they do not text and drive and can refer their friends to get rewarded for them as well.


OnMyWay offers the ability for any company to help save lives in the community with their business solutions. The OnMyWay network claims 127 million REAL PEOPLE.


How Nonprofits Can Make the Most of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs

There are many benefits to forming and maintaining partnerships with like-minded businesses as more companies invest in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


These are some tips to make CSR partnerships work in your nonprofit:


  • A CSR partnership is a relationship between the nonprofit and the company that is equal in terms of benefits. Many nonprofits view themselves as the inferior party in a partnership. This can lead to lower investment levels.
  • Companies won't always make a financial donation. Investment can include volunteer support or in-kind donations. Some companies may look to provide non-financial support before becoming a sponsor/partner.
  • To ensure that you are only contacting companies that are a good match for your company and would benefit from working with you, do extensive research. It is better to concentrate your efforts on a few brands than to try to establish partnerships with many brands that are not in alignment with your cause and goals.
  • Highlight the company's benefits, including their impact on company reputation, culture, and employee engagement, as well as their relationships with their target markets.
  • To demonstrate the larger-picture benefits of working with your nonprofit, show your impact using statistics and other details.
  • Effective tools are essential for tracking donations and can help you secure CSR partners. Company InFocus makes it simple for organizations to keep track of donor involvement. This can be shown to potential partners.
  • When approaching CSR partners, make sure to highlight your great track record in donor engagement. Perhaps you are able to engage with specific donor groups or use a particular engagement channel.
  • Consider how your organization can promote a CSR partner in its marketing and communications strategy. You should have a solid marketing strategy before approaching potential CSR partners.


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Start your Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign


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