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Jay Johannigman

Dr. Jay Johannigman Presents at Trauma Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery Conference For 19th Year

Dr. Jay Johannigman was a presenter on Trauma Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery. This was Dr. Johannigman’s 19th year as a presenter at the ceremony. The annual Las Vegas Trauma Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery Conference is the most popular in the world. It has been sold out for the past 15 years.


They feature faculty members that are active physicians who work night and day to solve the most difficult surgical problems. Every year, "rising stars", join the ranks of seasoned experts. Attendees have stated they are amazed at the stellar faculty assembled in our Scientific Program section. A mass amount of practical surgical information is incorporated into just two and a half days.


This program provides comprehensive continuing education in the care of severely ill and injured patients. It focuses on current and cutting-edge guidelines and technology for diagnosis, management, and evaluation. This course is intended to improve the skills and knowledge of all those who care for injured and ill patients in urban and rural hospitals.

Jay Johannigman presenting at annual Las Vegas Trauma, Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery Conference 2022

Target Audience

This course is intended for trauma surgeons who work in Level I-IV trauma centers. This presentation also benefits general surgeons as well as emergency physicians, anesthesiologists, and trauma coordinators.

What is their objective?

1) Provide innovative and appropriate technology to optimally care for seriously injured and ill patients in urban and rural settings.

2) Use concepts from rural and urban trauma cases and acute care surgeries in your practice setting.

2) Describe the practical management and early treatment of injuries and acute surgical conditions.

4) Identify the ethical dilemmas and possible solutions to caring for critically ill or injured patients.

5) Talk about care issues specific to the surgical intensive care unit. This includes nutrition, antibiotics monitoring, sedation, and ventilators.

6) Discuss trauma and acute care surgical evolution. This includes managing TBI, fractures of the ribs, appendicitis, and DVT prophylaxis.

7) How to deal with complications related to geriatric trauma.

8) Talk about nonclinical topics, such as peer review, ransomware attacks against hospitals, military, and civilian collaborations, and futility for trauma patients.

9) Talk about the best treatment for vascular injuries, colorectal carcinoma emergencies, the hostile stomach, pregnant patient emergencies, and hernias.

About Dr. Jay Johannigman

Col. Jay Johannigman M.D. F.A.C.S. is Knight Aerospace's, Chief Medicine Officer. Col. Jay Johannigman, M.D., F.A.C.S., is responsible for overseeing a variety of Knight's technological advances that allow rapid conversion of military and non-governmental cargo aircraft into full-spectrum "flying emergency rooms." He also implements the protocols and technology behind the self-contained units that safely transport highly contagious patients such as COVID-19. Dr. Johannigman oversees Knight's ongoing development of cutting-edge technology. He was stationed at NATO Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan to serve as COMRS.


Dr. Johannigman is still active in the medical field, mentoring future doctors and his role at Knight Aerospace. Dr. Johannigman continues to be a trauma surgeon at Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas. He also serves as an adjunct professor at F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine.


Dr. Johannigman served as a resident surgeon at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for 25 years and was also the Director of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery at University Hospital in Cincinnati. He was also the Director of the Institute of Military Medicine, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and Acute Care Surgery at University Hospital in Cincinnati.


After many years of service in the military, he was recruited to the University of Cincinnati faculty and served in the Department of Surgery as well as the Division of Trauma. He was active in the army reserves, served in academic positions, and held professional positions in civilian hospitals, as well as military roles over the past two decades. Dr. Johannigman was the founder of the Cincinnati Center for the Sustainment of Trauma Readiness Skills (Cincinnati CSTARS).

Read: C-STARS: Venture Between Dr. Jay Johannigman & University Of Cincinnati

His commitment and leadership are evident in his leadership role in West Chester Hospital's development and subsequent transformation to a Level III Trauma Center. Later, he held various director roles at West Chester hospital including the Director of the Surgical Critical Care Service and Associate Director of its Trauma Service.


Dr. Jay Johannigman has nearly forty years of civilian surgical experience, as well as academic roles. He is still a US Air Force pilot and holds his rating. He was a military trauma surgeon who served seven deployments and received numerous awards, including the Distinguished Service Award by the Military Health System Research Symposium. He was promoted to the rank of colonel during this period.


Active duty at Wilford Hall Medical Center saw Dr. Jay Johannigman play a key role in the creation of the USAF's Critical Care Aeromedical Transport Team. His involvement in Critical Care Aeromedical Transport has continued for the past three decades. He was also involved in the development of the United States Air Force Centers for Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills, which have been used as training centers for all USAF CCATT teams for over 20 years.


Dr. Johannigman still practices surgical medicine. His main areas of expertise include surgery critical care, trauma, emergency surgery, and elective surgery. He is passionate about research and has been published extensively. Dr. Johannigman is a specialist in controlled loop ventilation, critical care monitoring, and pulmonary failure. His work has been published in over one hundred peer-reviewed medical journals, 18 books, and 100 abstracts.


Jay Johannigman in Ukraine 2022

In 2022, Jay Johannigman was deployed to assist the GSMSG team Ukraine 🇺🇦- From the first US special operations veteran surgical team on the ground in Ukraine to the largest. These teams of GSMSG physicians are enabled by GSMSG special operations veterans. To date, GSMSG has trained more than 6000 Ukrainian civilians, and 1500 soldiers, dissemination over 20,000 of our Ukrainian TCCC guidelines, and training sessions held for over 100 physicians on a nearly weekly basis.


Dr. Johannigman still finds time to ride his bicycle, covering thousands of miles each year.

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